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Is it a problem because I'm running Windows 7 or am I doing something wrong? DriveHQ Online Backup offers an option in the job definition to "exclude these files and sub-folders," and the text below suggests that I can use wildcards and separate entries with a vertical bar. I have set up a backup job that excludes *.rfo *.rfp and a few other extensions. I also attempted to exclude the entire folder containing those files. Neither the folder exclusion nor the filename exclusion seems to have any effect on the program's determined effort to back up everything within the master folder on which the job is defined.

10/8/2009 7:56:11 AM

I just tested it and it works fine here. Could you please tell us what did you enter in the edit box?

What I entered is a folder name like: prop*

and it does exclude the folder and files in it.

Please note if you have already created the backup task, and if it has already run once, then even if you exclude it in the backup task, the files / folders already backed up will be kept on server.

10/9/2009 2:27:19 AM

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