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Hi. If I sign-up using a "paid" AOL email account (that I use for corporate business use), will this make me a "True" member on DriveHQ? If not, how about a Road Runner email address? Please help (I need to publish files). Thanks!

10/6/2007 12:22:39 PM

Email addresses from an ISP / email service provider is not considered "True Emails" by our system, unless you also have a private email domain.

Please note a True Account is still a Free Service Account, except it can publish folders and website. However, free service account has other restrictions. It is good only for personal and casual use. If you use it for business purpose, or if you need to use it a lot, it is recommended to sign up our premium service. DriveHQ has a lot of great features, client software applications and services for a very low price that starts at only $2.99/month.

10/6/2007 5:34:40 PM

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