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Hi, I have been testing this service for a few days; initially I thought this service might be just a little better than other services I tried. It turns out to be a whole lot better! Congratulations to you guys for such a great website. My firm is evaluating the possibility of "paperless" office, and we need an offsite backup solution. Your service looks very good. I see your website is for high-end consumers and small businesses. The only thing I am not sure is: the listed maximum storage is 20GB. We have about 115GB of very important customer data. Can you support 115GB of storage? and if so what is the price? I have also sent an email to webmaster@drivehq.com. please reply. thanks.

9/5/2006 4:15:46 PM

Hi, thank you for your compliments. I have replied your email.

Yes, DriveHQ can offer any amount of storage space. If you need 40GB storage space, you can simply order 20GB service twice. In your case, you need 115GB, that's much larger than 20GB. You qualify for additional volume discount, please send email to sales@drivehq.com for more details.


9/6/2006 2:29:15 AM

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