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On Sep. 6, we have released a new version of DriveHQ FileManager 3.0, build 216, and WWWBackup 3.0, build 210. The new versions have fixed a few bugs, improved performance and usability and added some minor features:

FileManager has added multiple-account synchronization function; it has also added support for automatic synchronization from server folders to local folders.

WWWBackup has added a detailed process dialog for deleting backup tasks; it now also allows users to manually config how many backup versions to keep.

The older versions of FileManager and WWWBackup are slow in uploading a lot of small files. This new version software groups small files into one big batch, and thus the performance is generally 3 times faster. 

It is recommended to upgrade to this version asap. Please report bugs to support@drivehq.com.

9/6/2006 11:17:24 AM

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