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 Hey there! First time using the drive mapping tool. Account logs in fine to the cloud account via chrome, so I know the username and password are right.

Wehn I try to log in to the tool, it tells me that it can't connect. Is there a specific port I should be whitelisting in the firewall? I didn't see anything in the manual. Thanks.

10/3/2022 7:10:01 AM

That's very unusual. WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool only uses the regular HTTPS protocol (TCP Port 443). In general, if you can log in with a web browser, you should be able to log in with the Drive Mapping Tool. You don't need to open any other ports.

If you cannot log in to the Tool, it could be caused by some anti-virus software, security software or proxy server. Microsoft Windows has a built-in anti-virus/security program called Windows Defender. It does not block DriveHQ WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool. Mainstream anti-virus software usually does not block the tool. Also, you can add our software to the white list. Please reboot your PC if you uninstalled or changed any anti-virus/security software.

If you still cannot solve the problem, please contact DriveHQ customer support via email/phone. We can trouble-shoot the problem on your PC remotely.


10/11/2022 9:47:10 AM

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