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Hi, I have subscribed to 1 year 1GB storage service for $29.99/year a couple months ago. Today when I look at the account transaction history, it shows two orders. The other order displays $2.5/month. Could you tell me why? Will I be charged twice?

Also I may need more storage space and download bytes. How to upgrade my service to 10GB plan? Can I apply the remaining credit to the new order?

Thank you for your reply.

10/29/2006 7:47:13 AM

Please note Annual service is mapped to monthly service internally. You won't be charged twice. Your service billing month starts on the day-of-month when you sign up on DriveHQ.com.

To upgrade your paid service, you can cancel your existing subscription by logging on www.drivehq.com, click on My Account, then Transaction History, select Current Subscription. You can order a new service after you canceled the old one. DriveHQ customer support can also help. You can always contact DriveHQ support for service upgrades. Just make a deposit and we will take care of the rest for you.

10/29/2006 3:02:52 PM

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