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With over 2000 years of evolution, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a rich and sophisticated system of medicine. Qi (energy) is the central underlying principle in acupuncture and other TCM techniques. Traditional Chinese medicine practices access Qi through acupuncture points which are mapped along meridians (energy channels) on the body. Stimulating, manipulating and utilizing the flow of this energy facilitates our bodies own complex system of self healing.

Care Cure are specialists in all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. We have an experienced team of professional TCM practitioners from China with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best medical care. Free Consultation provided.

Chinese Medicine in other words treats the specific patterns of imbalances within the body that manifest when unchecked into different diseases. Chinese Medicine can also be used as a preventative measure that is a therapy used to prevent the imbalance turning into a disease in the first place. For example an imbalance in your system may first manifest as a cold, a pain in your knee, itchy skin before it turns into a more serious form of disease such as pneumonia, blood clots or multiple sclerosis. Put simply Chinese Medicine identifies and treats the root cause of disease, not as a label which applies to all who have contracted the disease or a range of symptoms. No it treats the disease as an imbalance within the unique, physical, mental and spiritual condition of each patient. Therefore every patient of TCM receives a tailor made treatment which is unique to them and their individual body system.

To conclude every TCM patient is special and unique and that is how they are treated when they come to a Chinese Doctor who practices TCM therapies. We are ready to help and our one wish is to serve you, understand you and treat you with compassion, care and respect for the unique body system that is YOU.


This treatment is based on a theory of invisible pathways called channels that span over the entire body.
The current flowing through these channels is Qi life energy and underlies everything in the universe. Everything that lives and moves and breathes, is believed to do so, because Qi flows through it.


Acupressure is an effective method of improving blood circulation and repairing tissue damage throughout the body. Via nerve stimulation acupressure can induce relaxation and improve skin tone, ease tension in muscles and joints, repair facial lymph damage and generally tone the body.
For this reason it is often used as a facial beauty therapy.


In the cupping procedure a glass jar is applied to the patient's skin and as the pressure of the jar is reduced vital energy is freed which helps the body to work more efficiently. Cupping is particularly effective in performing deep tissue repair and treating areas of the body that have been affected by pain.

Herbal Medicine

These herbal combinations are most commonly used to treat, hormonal disturbances, infections, breathing disorders and can be either brewed as a tea or ingested in tablet form.
The main strength of Chinese herbal medicine lies in strengthening the immune system, which builds up resistant to disease.