She loved me before like no other; her love for me was the deepest well because she was my mother.


Her hands were hardened from cooking my meals, but they still had the divine power to dry my falling tears, and to heal.


When drops of blood stained my knee, she did not mind; she dove right in to clean it – she was one of a kind.


Her face was care-worn from worrying about me; I understood I shouldn’t have wandered so close to the frighteningly deep sea.



The love she has shown me has been wonderful and great.  Any illness would cause her to stay up at night, no matter how late.


My wants were always more important than her needs; she would constantly sow sacrificial seeds.


Her face, once as clear and lustrous as a looking glass, has now changed from worrying about me, as gold turns to brass.


However, as “beauty is only skin deep”, my mother’s love is the beautiful memory I will forever keep.



A mother’s love and presence can shape one’s life in many ways.


Thus, her footsteps on the road of life are remembered always!


By: Myanca Rodrigues