Even Angels Can Fall


In memory of my father


Along the ocean waters,

Beyond the deep blue seas,

The angels remain hidden

For those the eye can see.


But mine was easily visible,

Who turned from a child, to a boy,

to a man.

Also known as my father,

Who is now gone forever,

ítil the very end.


My angel fell from heaven,

And was given all to me.

For it was Godís great choice,

Who joined and created a family.


But God took him back,

And he re-entered the gates of eternity.

Now, no more pain,

And no more suffering.


He watches me grow, learn, mature,

And notices he did a job well done.

For when I become an adult, I live my life,

And when God decides, only then will I leave.


I will join my angel, my star,

And never will I leave him,

Because he was my chosen angel,

Who fell from the deep blue sky,

And was given all to me.


Marisa Carbone