My Love

By Spenser N. Cube


Together forever we shall stay,

letting our love grow stronger day by day.

Wishes made upon the stars in the sky,

knowing this love will never die.


Hopes and dreams this love is for real,

knowing whatís going on and knowing how we feel.

Showing our love and showing we care,

no longer playing a silly game of truth or dare.


Being here for one another,

and showing love for only each other.

Iím going to be only yours babe,

and this is because you have changed my world.


I believe in this world everyone has a soul mate,

I also believe we met not only through fate,

but because we are always meant to be.


For almost six years, you have brought me happiness and joy,

but most of all someone to love.

So from here on out, itís just you and me,

and forever my baby youíll be.