My Motherís Picture


I see a woman who I love so much,

A person I admire and a person I adore.

A person who I can turn to,

When there is no open door.

A woman who I can weep with,

And will weep for me when Iím gone.

An unconditional love,

That for me will go so far.

Whose arms that will embrace me,

Upon her gentle touch.

Whose womb I once did lay in,

Whose womb I lay in no more.

A kiss to make it better,

Her soft voice lay me to sleep.

My cry that would alarm her,

That would soften as she would creep.

She could come to see her baby,

And no more her baby would cry.

Her baby no more is little,

And now I appreciate her love,

A love that includes trust.

A mother and a daughter,

Equally united into one,

A love so big will bear no more.

Her love for me is so profound,

My love for her is true.

This picture is of my mother,

And I can say I love her too.

My mommy who once did hold me,

And now she will always be there by my side.

To help me cope,

To keep me warm,

To help inspire me my dreams.

There is just not enough,

For that kind woman with the gentle touch.

But these are just the most important things,

Of why I do love her so much.


Marisa Carbone