I am here on a lonely day

Looking at the people of the city.

I realize everyone has different emotions

Displayed on their face.

I then try to study the looks on their faces.


As I look, I realize that most people

Are happy and jolly.

Others have sadness reflected on their face,

And most have difficult faces to read.


Judging by the look on their faces,

I tried to imagine if those who

Were happy and jolly won a lottery.

Maybe not.  I tried to go deeper into the

Purpose of their excitement.

But it was impossible because

I couldnít read their minds.


I noticed that the day wasnít so lonely.

I then realized that studying people is interesting.

As I watched the people showing their emotions,

I tried to imagine what emotion I was presenting,

But I didnít know because I felt confused.

I didnít know if my face displayed happiness or sadness.

I didnít know if I expressed anger like one of

Those people coming out of the store, angry at the price of items.

By: Stephanie Okojie


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