Questions I Ask Myself about my Existence


My existence as a being is reality.

That, I think I know.

My existence as a being is not part of my imagination.

This, I try to figure out.


I ask myself, am I more than what

I think I am>

I am still searching for an answer to this question.

Is my existence beyond humanity?

This question I try to figure out, but it weighs more than my thoughts.


Does my mind and soul create my mortal body?

The questions get harder as I try to

Figure out my existence.

Now, I try to answer these questions on my own.

As I answer my questions, my mind begins to disorientate.

Confusion takes its place in my mind and

Releases its agents around every corner of my brain.

I try hard to fight confusion and shake it away from my head.


More questions about my existence attack me,

But I ignore these questions,

And try to answer the ones that are ready to make my head explode.

It may be my thoughts, my dreams taking

Me to another dimension,

Another realm of reality.

My brain starts shaking.

Now I am afraid that my brain might explode like a

Volcano, but it doesnít.


I still havenít found any answer to my questions.

These questions I ask myself:

Do I really exist? Was my mind and soul

Misled into the thought of my existence as being reality?

I never thought it would be this perplexing and difficult to

Trace the truth the truth about my existence.

As I try to answer these questions, more questions

Begin to attack my brain.

I need answers so I can move on with the trace of my existence.


By: Stephanie Okojie



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