A sudden change in winterís frosty atmosphere can only mean that delightful spring is, once again, here.


The robins cheerily whistle while the yellow-white nightingales sing; blooming, blossoming buttercups are one of the gifts of spring.


The roseís full bloom simply suggests that warm summer has arrived, with all its long awaited guests.


The bountiful trees are now loaded with luscious fruit galore; the young children, pails in hand, frolic to the sandy beach shores.



The bright new carpets of reds, yellows, and browns announce autumnís pompous arrival into town.


The trees soon shed their covering day by day; theyíre unprotected and free from the bitter wind that blows their way. 


The first misty-white snowfall can only mean the arrival of the waxen winter queen.


The trees are clothed, no longer are their souls bared.  There is a slight frost in the chilly, wintry air. 



Thus, natureís beautiful cycle of splendid colours is wide-ranging.


The seasons are constantly, continually changing!


                                                                                                By:  Myanca Rodrigues