The Ship of Dreams

Like the angel of death, the ship comes at night.

It’s dim at first, but then comes into sight.

Onboard, many passengers patiently await,

‘till another meets the same fate.


Many passengers board the ship with a great amount of ease.

They know it will give them beautiful, undisturbed peace.

Other passengers struggle; they fight in vain.

They don’t understand that they’ll soon leave behind their pain.

Still others sense that their day approaches fast.

They prepare for it beforehand, and don’t leave everything ‘til the last.


After its passengers are all onboard,

the ship pulls out; before it, there’s a long road.

It travels onward through many curves.

Along the way, it stops at many wharves.

More passengers are picked up along the way.

Soon, it is the end of the day.


The ship reaches its destination after long last;

lowered soon is its mast.

The passengers then behold the City of Wonder;

the City of Love and of Splendour.

They meet their friends and loved ones so dear;

from very far and very near.


The ship rests, but only for a while,

it still has to travel for many a mile.





By: Myanca Rodrigues