“Complexities of a Mother” 


The ultimate renaissance woman.


Skilled and compassionate.


Using her soft touch, while at the same time, a stern professional; there isn’t a job she doesn’t or hasn’t learned to do.


The most gentle of child-care technicians, a chef whose flavour of life is clearly tasted in her intimate meals, master of all custodial arts, and improviser extraordinaire.


Loving, loyal, unconditionally present, strict, disciplinary, and morally impervious; she is complex and contradictory to even her truest colours.


A woman who is made proud, yet increasingly difficult to surprise; she is the one person I have always known, and at the same time, have always wondered about.


Sweet, delicate, soothing and comforting; there is never anyone else I have feared more.


Strong, loud, smothering and overwhelming; there will never be anyone who can take her place.


My rock, my beginning, my teacher, my friend; my enemy, my weakness, my rival, my end.


She is her, she is me, the household Queen, my mother.


                                                            By: Mauricio Alvarez