I have waited all my life to be with you.

I have thought about you all my life.

Thinking, how perfect our lives would be,

When we finally meet.


I finally get to stay with you.

And cherish you, with both my heart and soul.

But I am of no use, nor of any importance to you.


I see myself as a worthless being when I am around you.

I am invisible to you.

I try to get you close to me,

 But you drive me away.

I keep on trying,

Trying with all the love I hold for you,

Yet you push me away.


The more I try,

The more you drive me away,

The more insignificant I feel,

The more I hate you so.

I donít want to hate you,

But I canít change how I feel.


You bring tears to my life.

Tears, I can never wipe away.

Sorrows that keep tearing away at my now fragile heart.

I try to mend my broken heart,

Yet as I mend, mend my broken heart,

It keeps ripping, ripping apart.


Iíve loved you so much, that I hate you now.

I donít want to lose my love for you,

But it is too late.

The love I needed from you,

has been replaced by another.


I try to reclaim my love and trust for you,

But it is too late.

The thoughts of you have faded away.

My wait for you, useless.

Now I have forgotten about you,

And I canít comprehend,

whether or not you existed or not.




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