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Hi, I have two computers that are synced, but when I deleter a file from one it does not delete on the other - however, it does work the other way around. I have tried to set them up exactly the same and I can't see any difference. Is there some setting that I am missing, or is it something to do with my Windows set-up. One machine is Windows 7 and the other Windows 8.1. It is the Windows 8.1 machine that does not appear to allow the file to be deleted.

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12/2/2015 3:14:30 AM

Please see the image below. Have you tried adjusting those settings? If so, and you still do not have success, I would recommend contacting a support agent and opening up a ticket. The easiest way to start that off is by sending in a message to support@drivehq.com. Depending on what we need to do to troubleshoot, we can then move up the support (i.e. remote session or phone). In any case, if you have not tried adjusting these settings, please do so. And if you have, let's open up a ticket.


12/2/2015 9:37:40 AM

Hi, yes, I have tried changing these, and they are currently set to exaclty the same as what you have specified in the image. I will send the email to the support agent.



12/2/2015 9:56:07 AM

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